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What is MND

The Treble One Trust was named after the collar number of MND suffer, Police Sergeant Stewart Sparling and represents One life, One chance to live it, One day at a time. The charity was formed by Stewart as there is little or no funding for specialist equipment to help sufferers in the latter stages of the disease. Whilst Stewart appreciated the help he received from professional organisations, full funding for equipment was not always awarded. Stewart experienced the positive affect this specialist equipment had on his quality of life and in turn, his mission in life became helping others with MND.

MND or Motor Neurone Disease is a terminal neurodegenerative disease that causes muscle weakness, paralysis, and ultimately, respiratory failure.


MND attacks certain cells in the brain and spinal cord needed to keep your muscles moving. Early signs and symptoms of MND include muscle cramps, twitching, weakness in the extremities and difficulty speaking or swallowing.  As the disease progresses it is characterised by the inability to move any part of the body, the inability to speak or communicate with anything but your eyes and complete reliance on a feeding tube for nutrition.  The senses, including hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch are not affected by MND.


Most people with MND only live between 2 to 5 years after the first signs of the disease, and 50% of those people die within the first 14 months.  There are 5,000 people with MND in the UK at any one time.

What is the Treble One Trust

Angela Sparling and Ian McGrath talk about MND and  the Treble One Trust


What happens to the donations

The trust is ran by volunteers and 100% of all profits go back into the trust and then on to improving the life of late stage MND sufferers.


Stewart with his children, Lewis and Caitlin

THE TREBLE ONE TRUST Charity Number: 1163831